Fly Fishing Lessons Calgary

If you’re interested in learning how to fly fish, here are a few things you will learn with us:

  1. Equipment: Fly fishing requires specialized equipment, including a fly rod, reel, line, etc. 

  2. Casting: One of the most important skills in fly fishing is the ability to cast the fly to the fish. 

  3. Reading the water: To be successful at fly fishing, you’ll need to know how to read the water and determine where the fish are likely to be. 

  4. Fly selection: Choosing the right fly is an important part of fly fishing. 

There are many resources available to help you learn fly fishing, including instructional videos, online courses, and in-person lessons from experienced instructors.

The best way to learn the basics is in person with an experienced instructor.

Allow us to introduce you to the art of fly fishing!

Fly Fishing Lessons

1hr Lessons up to 4 people
$ 100 per person
  • Casting Lessons
  • Fly Fishing 101
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