There is something special about fishing in a beautiful setting like the one the blue-ribbon Bow River has to offer. For one it makes fishing very hard as its so easy to be distracted by the stunning mountains, crystal clear pools or some of the magnificent wildlife species (grizzly, black bears, elk, moose to name just a few).  On the off chance you notice that you have missed out on a school of fish, you ultimately realize that you essentially don’t feel like you have “missed out” on anything as you just spent that time consuming soul-food by observing the beautiful surroundings.
In saying that if you’re not into fishing and you’re looking for breathtaking views, you’re in luck ,we also offer great sightseeing packages aside from fishing the arguably the best trout fishery. You will not be disappointed since you will get to experience waterfalls, wildlife, hoodoos and views of the spectacular mountains.