The Guide, The River & The Boat

About The Owner/Guide

Osman (Oz) is the owner and a guide of River People Guides Ltd.

His mission is to provide a safe, educational and memorable trip. The local knowledge pertaining to the Bow River Fly Fishing, Landscape, Different Fishing Techniques, Casting, Seasonal Hatches and Wading Tips will make you a better fisherman on any river.
He has been fishing before he could walk according to his parents. His dad is to this day an avid angler and needles to say he was solely responsible for passing over the fishing bug on to him. There was short period through out his college and Canadian Army years where he took a break from fishing. However as soon as he graduated and retired from the Canadian Forces (in good standing) the beauty and the energy of the Rocky Mountain glacial rivers and the size/beauty of the fish living in it reignited his passion for fishing. Oz considers him self an eternal student in general but especially when it comes to the art of fly fishing. 
This is where you get to ask questions and learn from someone with a wealth of knowledge on fly fishing, an open mind, patience and who is passionate/dedicated fly fisherman.
Needless to say he is an avid fly fisher who likes to spend even his spare time on the river with his daughter and friends hence the name River People Guides.

About The Bow River

The upper Bow River will leave an unforgettable impression on you as it waves its way through the romantic Canadian Rockies. This section of the river is known for its amazing landscape and wildlife encounter.
However amongst other species of trout this section holds a healthy number of Bull Trout making it a popular section for those species purists.
The lower Bow River just south of Calgary is a world class trout stream and according to the Alberta Fish & Wildlife Department it holds an impressive 2500 catchable trout per river mile. This section of the river is more nutrient rich compared to the upper Bow River and subsequently making this section more popular among anglers. However it is also flowing through a beautiful landscape that hosts an variety of bird life which is perfect for bird watching.

About The Boat

Our 16′ High Sided Superfly Stealthcraft Drift Boat is considered a Cadillac of Drift Boats. It has plenty of storage and is very enjoyable to fish out from due to its safe and comfortable casting braces. We make sure that you are not just comfortable and safe but also look cool while your float in our boat. 🙂

For those in the hurry that don’t have the luxury of taking 5-9 hours off in a day to go fishing on the river, this is their solution. This power drifter can cover the same amount of honey holes in 3 hours that a drift boat does in a full day float.

Alternatively the jet boat is used for pike fishing and the raised platform is a treat for casting and sighting the fish.